Email Marketing Solutions

Reach out, capture, and nurture through email marketing, email automation, and powerful CRM tools. 

What will email marketing software do for your business and how do you get it?

Manage your leads and customers with a powerful CRM tool and engage with those contacts with automatic email workflows and campaigns.
Active Campaign is the leading email marketing provider on the market today. Their software is intuitive, their customer service is amazing and the subscription is reasonable. Circle Space loves Active Campaign!

Manage Contacts & Sales


Manage your contacts in one place with a comprehensive customisable CRM tool that links to a sales pipeline and email automation.

Sales Pipeline

Manage and organise your leads with a drag-and-drop sales pipeline that can trigger email automation and internal notifications based on conditions you set.

Mobile App

Enter calls, create tasks, track emails, and see all your contact' information on the go

Marketing automation takes care of details so you can focus on the stuff you love

Set up a welcome series with email automation. Find your most engaged contacts. Pull in information from other platforms. Automate the marketing no one has time for.

Deliver Targeted Messages

Broadcast Emails

Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once. Send one-time email campaigns to anyone on your list

Automatic Emails

Trigger automatic emails based on your contacts performing a number of actions, such as completing an online form.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule an email for specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and sales teams

Circle Space can help you get started with Active Campaign

Sign up to Active Campaign today and take control of your leads and customers. 
Not sure where to start? Reach out and Circle Space will help

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